Saturday, July 29, 2017

Venice Beach Trash Report: Saturday, July 29, 2017

Welcome to Venice Beach!...  Where you get to share the sand with #beachtrash, dead birds, sharp objects, and glass bottles, etc...

Dateline: Saturday morning, July 29, 2017 along Venice Beach from Navy St. to the Venice Pier, I walked near the water's edge and took numerous photos of uncollected #beachtrash which the L.A. County Dept. of Beaches & Harbors (aka, LACDBH) continues to avoid cleaning up by hand in order to dispose of it.  It was obvious today that LACDBH will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid assigning its staff to walk along the shoreline and to hand pick up and dispose of #beachtrash. This was proven by the tractor marks in the sand below the high tide line and below the "Wrack" line, e.g., the area along the high tide line where seaweed and kelp collects. It is this area that LACDBH is not supposed to use its tractors and rakes.  Today, however, between Ave 23 and the Venice Pier it was quite obvious that LACDBH ran its tractors and rakes way too close to the water's edge and below the "Wrack" line.

x-ref: "Wrack" defined and explained.

FYI; below is a link to an article with information provided by UCSB with respect to defining "Wrack" and explaining its importance.  


note:  In this blog post, below, there is a link to a video which illustrates exactly how close to the water's edge the tractors and rakes were operated today between Ave 23 and the Venice Pier.

We begin at Navy St....

Above and below, a shredded aluminum can left in the sand.  This often happens as the result of the tractor and rake not removing the #beachtrash but instead leaving it in the sand in worse condition and, in fact, in a condition that can cause a serious foot injury to a beach patron.  I picked it up and disposed of it in a nearby trash can.

Below, the line drawn in the sand by the tractor and rake. Notice the #beachtrash to the right of the tractor line in the sand.

Above and below, now this is an attractive sight for weekend beach patrons...

Above and below, why wouldn't LACDBH collect and dispose of this #beachtrash before the weekend crowds arrive?

Above and below, a small dead bird right along the tractor line adjacent to the Rose Ave. lifeguard tower left uncollected and not disposed of by LACDBH...  Why?  Because LACDBH does not care enough to remove #beachtrash and dead birds near the water's edge by having its staff inspect the area near the water's edge daily.

Above and below, two more photos showing the line drawn in the sand by the LACDBH tractor and rake.  Towards the ocean and water's edge is virtually ignored by LACDBH on a daily basis and any #beachtrash and dead birds, etc. is simply not collected and not disposed of by LACDBH.

Above and below in multiple photos the area near the water's edge adjacent to the Venice Breakwater was especially FILTHY with #beachtrash today!...

Above and below, the LACDBH tractor/rake line in the sand between Ave 23 and Ave 26 which is clearly below the "Wrack" line referenced above.  This is an example of the extent to which LACDBh will go to avoid having its staff hand pick up #beachtrash near the water's edge.

*** Video Alert ! ***

LACDBH Use of Tractor & Rake Below Wrack Line: The Video

Above and below, volunteers with HEAL THE BAY hand pick up #beachtrash under the Venice Pier and near the water's edge on both sides of the pier... and thus doing what LACDBH refuses to do on a daily basis.

Above and below, two more photos which clearly show that the LACDBH tractor and rake operated well below the "Wrack line".  This reinforces the action that LACDBH takes to avoid having its staff walk near the water's edge and hand pick up #beachtrash.

LACDBH continues to avoid hand picking and disposing of #beachtrash near the water's edge on a daily basis along Venice Beach.  This continues to represent a significant public health and safety issue.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Concerned citizen,
L.A. County resident,
Attorney at law

(All photos and video by & Copyright William Maguire 2017.)

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