Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday, May 13, 2017: Venice Beach Trash Report

Dateline: Saturday morning, May 13, 2017... I walked along the shoreline from Navy St. to the Venice Garage just south of where Venice Blvd. ends at the beach parking lot.  Here are the photos of the #beachtrash that I observed AND collected AND presented to the Los Angeles Dept. of Beaches & Harbors (LACDBH) office at the Venice Garage to emphasize the need for LACDBH to devote sufficient resources near the water's edge to remove #beachtrash, especially on the weekends when the crowds increase.

Navy St....

Below, an LACDBH trator and rake work the storm drain area at the back of the beach at Rose Ave. removing #beachtrash and doing an excellent job of it.  The same effort, however, is not undertaken near the water's edge and the photos herein illustrate how much #beachtrash remains near the water's edge. More attention and more emphasis needs to be devoted to collection and removal of #beachtrash near the water's edge along Venice Beach.

Above and below, just look at how gorgeous this natural resource is. A surfer walks along the shoreline and reminds us just how precious this beach is.  Every effort should be undertaken to focus attention near the water's edge to remove #beachtrash.

Below, #trademark trivia: recognize this color scheme on this plastic bag?

Yuck!... below is the #beachtrash I've collected just since walking from Navy St.....

Below, storm debris remains near the water's edge and LACDBH staff do not seem to have been directed or instructed to remove it from the beach by hand...

More storm debris below, namely, bamboo which is has sharp features and can create painful foot injuries. Bamboo should be prioritized for collection and removal from near the water's edge.  In my opinion, LACDBH could do a much better job of inspecting the beach near the water's edge and getting rid of storm debris that represents a threat to public health and safety.

Below, the answer to our #trademark trivia referenced above reveals a discarded plastic bag featuring the famous white bread brand, WONDER®, which I appropriated for use in the collection of #beachtrash...

Above and below, a plastic marijuana container featuring the brand name, NIGHTSHADE.

Below is the #beachtrash I collected for removal from the beach between Navy St. and the Venice Breakwater which I dumped on the sand for the purpose of taking this photo before gathering it all up again and taking it down to the LACDBH office to illustrate why it is so important that LACDBH devote enough resources to get rid of this #beachtrash near the water's edge.

I really wish LACDBH would ramp up its efforts with respect to the #beachtrash near the water's edge along Venice Beach.  If necessary, LACDBH should request more resources from the Board of Supervisors to take care of this public health and safety threat.

Arrival at the Venice Garage, below, where a few moments later I presented this bag of #beachtrash that I had collected over the past hour to the supervisor at the LACDBH office there.

That's it.  Just another day at the beach in Los Angeles County where, unfortunately, the level of #beachtrash that accumulates on a daily basis is both discouraging and disgusting.

We shall carry forth, in any event, with our mission to bring attention to this ongoing threat to public health and safety that must be met with more resolve and resources by LACDBH on a daily basis, particularly near the water's edge where beach patrons gather to enjoy the beach and ocean.  As I've said many times before, if the parking lots are open and beach parking fees are being collected, then LACDBH has an obligation to provide a safe and clean beach, especially near the water's edge where beach patrons typically congregate and set up their towels, umbrellas, etc. to enjoy a day at the beach.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Los Angeles resident

(All photos by & Copyright William Maguire 2017.)

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